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I live in shepherdsville but work in bardstown ,that's how I knew about the smokers.
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Cool I got a buddy lives out there you might know him I think he knows everybody in Shepherdsville robin brown is his name
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Don't know him. But bad with names but good with faces. What type of smoker do u have now. I've got a Lang 36.stretch run about,a ok Joe and a masterbuilt 30.analog smoker.
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I built this it works great but im ready for a change
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I would really like to get a lang though
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Nice. And I know what u mean by a change. Can't never have enough smokers
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By far the Lang is the best smoker I've ever had or used. Well worth the money. Here's a few pics. [IMG]
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Thats sweet I would love to have one your a lucky man.lang doesn't have the 36"stretch on their web site
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At your budget, I would recommend:


(But This might be my next buy)

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Yeah I've been looking at them but I've also read and seen some bad reviews stickyfingers
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Hey i cyhot thanks for all your info it was greatly appreciated and Im gonna go check Barstown out
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No problem glad I could help.
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Since Kentucky is a small area and thats all you give, I would suggest you do a yellow pages search for the largest city relatively close to your location. Two very basic reasons, freight instead wanting a certain brand (although they will most likely represent the majors), they will have a reasonable facsimile. Secondly, parts and acessories. You don't have to buy what they have but it will certainly give you an education. And who knows, they might have exactly what you want at a cheaper price.


BUT I HIGHLY recommend you shop it. Right now is the most expensive time of the year, its spring! You want to make a major investment for cooking outdoors in December/January if possible and save sizeable moo la. Once you see something you like then shop it on the WWW thingie, see what others sell for as well as what others think.  A good smoker/pit/grill is an investment for quite awhile.


So unless you are doing a Sam's special or down and dirty cheap, spend a little time, it can save you time, money, and frustration.


Look for outside kitchens and patios or BBQs


::EDIT:: I didn't realize the post was already two pages, I am sure you have more than ample advise by now. I hope ya find what you need.

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I just googled smoker fabricators in KY. There were a few.

Originally Posted by dale1969 View Post

Never heard of one out that way who makes them!cookers/c1jo3

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If you go to Paris to talk with those folks, check to see how much it would cost to make their unit in 1/4" steel. The site that was posted above shows a fairly thin product. I think you would get much better smokes with thicker steel. Good luck, Joe
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