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First "Solo" Dual pork butt

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The wife has requested me to smoke two pork butts we had in the freezer. They have been thawing in the fridge for a few days now.  I rubbed them down tonight at wrapped them in celophane and back in the fridge.  Here is my handy work so far:


Just out of the wrappiing


The Butt slathered in mustard



And rubbed down ready for the celophane


I plan on starting to smoke them Friday evening (if I don't get called into work) if i do I'll start early Saturday morning.  


I do have a question though.  Do i need to take the butts out of the fridge a few hours ahead of time to get them closer to room temperature or take straight from the fridge to the smoker?  


Can't wait until I fire off the smoker.  I really hope I'm doing this right, don't want to mess it up.

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I'm watchin
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For help in this, you should refer to Bear's step by step, at least for reference anyway.
I always set mine out while I lit the chimney starter, so it only sits out for about half an hour before I put it on.
(Edit) I'm sorry. I see that you've been at it for 6 hours now. Good luck. I have to constantly remind myself that not everyone here operates on EST.
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You don't want to go straight to the smoker but you don't want to leave it out for hours until it comes to room temp. If you read Jeff's book he recommends leaving the food out while your smoker heats up which for most people is 30-45 minutes.

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With pork I could go either way. I haven't noticed any difference with pork butts when I've put them on right out of the fridge or let them sit for 30min to a hour.

Same goes for seasoning. I used to season a day before but now I just season right before the butts go on.
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Ok thanks yall. The only reason I seasoned it last night was I figured I'd be at work today and wouldnt have time to do it today. But I'll take out of the fridge while i get stuff going on the smoker in the morning. Thanks for the input guys and i'll be sending pictures as things progress.

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Hey you might consider taking a sharp knife to that fat cap like this.

It gives you more surface area for your rub to touch the meat and allows more smoke in through the fat cap. Just a thought. Happy smoking. timber

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Butts are on and the smoker is smoking.  


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Good luck!
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I hate this smoker. In 30 minutes time the temps fluctuate anywhere from 250 to 175 and then back again.  

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That's why I like my electric. You can convert yours to electric......
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Originally Posted by scoclay View Post

I hate this smoker. In 30 minutes time the temps fluctuate anywhere from 250 to 175 and then back again.  

Well look at it this way, if you ruin dinner, you have a good case for upgrading to an easy to use 18" or 22.5" WSM!

Even with temp fluctuations it's hard to ruin a pork butt.
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Well as promised here are the after shots. Took longer than expected to get to a 205 internal temperature. Started at 8 AM and finished about 1 AM but it is really tender. The Wife said "oops the bone just slid right out" LOL

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Nice PP!!!! :-)
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Nice Job Looks Great

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Good looking PP!
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Way to go man, that looks fantastic!
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Sorry to be so late to this post but that is a great pulled pork, Sir.



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