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Firebox questions?

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So i have done a ton of searching and havent found anyone using something like this. Im building and offset smoker out of a 320 gallon propane tank, with tuning plates. Question now is the house we bought has a older wood stove in the basement. Its all metal. 1/8" on the outside just as a covering, then 4ins of insulation. The internal fire box is all 1/4 steel. Has a grated bottom for ashes. A automatic dampner. And a blower on the bottom to blow up on the fire. Its the perfect firebox, only issue is its 50% of the size i need. Just wondering what you guys think about it. I mean its well insulated which will retain a ton of heat. And the varible speed blower on. I know firebox size one factor taking into a count is heat loss. Just wondering if any of,you have thought about this or seen anything like that at all?? Ill buy the steel for another box if needed. but if i could use the old wood stove (which would be a perfect setup) and its free. Haha. thoughts please??
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Welcome to the site. I'm sure you will enjoy all of the folks eager to share information. As far as your firebox is concerned, I am not a builder, so I can't be much help. You need to look for Dave Omack or Gary S or several others. They are the interpreters of the build stuff. Good luck and good smoking. Don't forget to post pics of your build as it progresses. Joe
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