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AMNPS is hear!!

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Can't wait to try it out.
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I checked and mine should be here tomorrow
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You're gonna love it.

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Todd makes an awesome product !

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Your smoking life is about to get SO much easier.

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A tip for those who live in humid parts of the country (ie, the South).  I have found that no matter how hard you try to keep pellets dry, they will find a way to absorb moisture from the air.  They may look and feel dry, but it happens.  This makes them harder to light and keep lit.


Two solutions I've used. 


1)  Put pellets in a pyrex measuring cup and pop it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.  You will be surprised at the amount of moisture this drives out of those "dry" pellets.




2) Put pellets in the tray, and put the tray in the smoker/grill while it comes up to temp (do not light the pellets yet).  This also drys them out and you are usually warming up the smoker/grill anyway.  Give it 15 or 20 minutes and then take the tray out and light the pellets like normal.  If you are expecting the smoker/grill to get very hot, I would not go this route.


I generally go with method 1 and use the microwave.  I light mine with a plumbing torch, let the pellets burn with a visible flame for at least 5 minutes and then blow it out and commence the smoking.  I have the 5x8" tray, but this should also work for the tubes.

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I store my pellets outside on the covered but open back porch through heat, cold, rain, snow.  I have mainly corn cob pellets, but a few wood pellets, too.  I store them in plastic coffee cans, about 10-15 of them and keep one empty can.  I scoop out 2 - 8oz plastic cups of pellets of mixed varieties and toss them in the microwave for 2 minutes, uncovered, then fill the channels on my 5x8 and light with the propane torch I got from Todd a few years ago (it is refillable).   Takes a few minutes to get them going (corn cob pellets esp.), but light them to about 1" deep.  Just cold-smoked longhorn cheddar 3 weeks ago, 16 quarter pieces, on a full load of pellets, they burned for 11 hours.  Packaged up and let mellow until today, took some to our son's house for Easter, the hit of the party!  Right after they were finished I tried a little, it was bitter on the outside and cheesy on the inside.  After 3 weeks in a couple gallon bags, they'd mellowed to a deep smoky flavor all the way through, simply delicious!

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I finally got to try out my new AMNPS.  First time was a dismal failure (luckily just a test).  Couldn't keep it lit and smoking for more than 5 mins at a time.  Test #2, I put the pellets on a plate and microwaved for 1 min, stirred them around, and put them in for another min.  Then, just to be sure, I did it all again.  Lit them with my torch, blew on them with my heat gun til I had a real nice cherry and smoking well.  After about 5 mins, it went out.  Figured maybe since it was still pretty chilly here, that maybe air flow was poor, so I lit two charcoal briquettes, and when ready I put them directly under the chimney.  That increased the air movement thru the smoker, and I only had to relight the AMNPS one more time.  Just wasn't getting enough oxygen flow because of the air temp.

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Fill 1 row, and try a test run BEFORE your big smoke


Happy Easter!





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Will do Todd. Will try it out next weekend had to go out of town this one to see the grand baby. Happy Easter everyone.
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