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Thanks Bear nice compliment and thanks for the point



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Thanks for sharing can't wait to try. I can't get those at the stors hear in E Ky but I sure ate a lot of those back in my cross country truck driving days.
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Also thank the rest of you guys for the nice compliments    Timber, dirt, RM, old school,c farmer, waterinhole, jwb & goensouth



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Originally Posted by gary s View Post
Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

Nice hot links Gary... How did the wife like her new red counter tops......LOL



I had to bleach them after I got through. No more red food coloring 



Been there....... done that.....lol we'll have to add that to CB's list of observations......



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:drool:WOW! I never thought of a stick burner as a that low and slow machine. You for sure have that thing under your control. The sausage looks GREAT!


Happy smoken.


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Awesome job and great step by step!



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This is something I have been meaning to make. Great thread, Gary.





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These thing are great, you can taste all the different seasonings, then you start to get some heat. Another thing everybody liked was that when you bite into them grease doesn't squire everywhere  I be making more



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Gary, nice sausage, they look excellent!:points:

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Originally Posted by CrazyMoon View Post

Gary, nice sausage, they look excellent!:points:



Thanks for the point 



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They look great nice work yet again!
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They look good! I am not sure the uneducated Yankee tongues of my family could handle the heat. I spent some time in TX and OK and developed a taste for the Burn. I am not into, kill your face heat just to prove my manhood, though. There has to be good flavor with the heat...JJ

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Thanks  They are really not that Hot just a little heat, You don't have to break your neck getting a glass of milk just a nice heat.


But in saying that I guess what is Hot  or not hot to me may be totally different to others. The flavor is great, you could cut the red pepper flakes and Cayenne in half and you would probably be fine. Then you would have to call it Mild Sausage LOL



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My to do list is getting mighty long...now if only I could find the motovation to do some of it...
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Gary, quite impressive and way to set the bar higher.
I'm also impressed with the side firebox and low temps, quite impressive.
You have inspired me to give this a shot in the fall. I'll be shopping for a stuffer.
You're gonna be my go to guy for my first sausage run . Lol.
Typing this on my phone so
Just curious... no ice bath?
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***Gary' s Cooks All In One Place...Click Here.****
Nudge* Nudge*...Sounds good don't it
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After your nudging I am thinking about it.



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Looks great Gary, somehow I missed this! Nice Smoke!




Ha here  I thought I'd missed it but then I see I didn't Oh well they still look great!

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I tried this recipe for the first time and ran into some problems.

The flavor was on point.

I did my first grind with the large dye

I created the slurry and mixed it into the meat.

I then ran it through the smallest dye for the second grind.

I then stuffed the casings

I tried something a little different, I cold smoked it for two hours.

I then heated up the links to 160.

Then placed it in ice water to stop the cooking process.

My problem is the consistency. It came out a little gritty not quite mushy

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Hmmmm     I've done this recipe 3 times so for and got the exact same flavor and consistency every time



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