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They love their eel! This guy was like a surgeon ,clean,fast , precise & neat. He was working his way through a bucket of 50 or so. The inner market is enormous ,if it's in the ocean it's in the market. Then then outer market has all the stalls at retail,little food joints,dried stuff,seaweed,knive shops,you name it.
Tuna is only part of the picture. It's the big $ but they are hitting sustainability issues.
We had great sashimi at 11 am!
I thought the yakitori was the most translatable thing. Great skill ,charcoal management critical, not a lot of things added. Pig jowl was great,ox tongue,the fat content gave it great sizzle.
I just did prawns ,garlic,chilli ,lemon,EVO,parsley on the griddle followed by steamed fish chinese style for Linda her 2 boys & nonna.
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Morning Mick..... reading this, makes me wish I was with you.... It all sounds soooooo delicious.... I know you are enjoying the experience, immensely...

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It was a bit of a leap for us because we speak no Japanese. In Europe I can fudge my way reading signs because I have some Italian and so many people speak EnglishAnnouncements & signs on the trains are in English as well. All the restaurants have pictures & a smattering of English in some of them.
They have great beer! Yesibu make a black ale that's brilliant,straight up or half,half with lager.
We will go back & try to see some of the countryside .I am still a kid from a country town at heart.
My friends who live inTokyo love it but they live in a huge apartment byJapanese standards.
I watched guys breaking up big bluefin tuna with serious tools,part knife part axe,part sword.
It's that char grilling that really got my attention .
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So fantastic! This is such a wonderful update Mick! What an adventure! Cheers! - Leah

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Me outside the Yebisu beer museum .I think I have that sour look because we were getting beaten up by the weather or I didn't want my photo taken I wanted a beer:biggrin:

Good beer too,owned by Sapporo now ,they make a great dark ale.

Just throwing together my bull fighters stew now.

Beef cheeks same recipe I have done  & posted in nose to tail.

Raining again. 

Just put it in a low oven for 3 or so hours.



Paid $14 a kg for beef cheeks,ouch:devil:!

They are big.

I will fossick around in the cellar for something suitable in big reds.

Side dish will be a roasted beets,little onions,goats cheese hot salad with walnuts ,garlic,balsamic vinegar.

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Now that's a beer! Fantastic photo & weather be damned as it must have been great fun!
Now this meal you are making looks & sounds incredible! I so wish you opened a bistro and right here!
Happy weekend! Cheers!!! - Leah
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My version has my bacon,carrots,onions,garlic,herbs,red wine,beef stock,orange peel,cloves,cinnamon.
I am eyeing off a bottle of Penfolds 389, poor mans Grange, it's from 2009 . 389 the number of the bus that takes you to Bondi Beach. Cab/ shiraz very Aussie.
This is a bit of a French bistro classic,nothing fancy .
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Sounds great!

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This was great,mashed potato a nice side.
I just cut the beets,quarter the red onions with the root end on them to keep them in shape,whole cloves of garlic smashed,roasted in bacon fat & EVO then tossed with feta,balsamic & walnuts.
Wine is great but it's overpriced ,it was a thank you from a client.
You just had to touch cheek with a fork & they came apart. My version is a French/ Spanish take on it ,orange peel,cloves,cinnamon.
It will work with any beef cut that needs low & slow.
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God Mick, that sounds so soft and succulent and amazing!!! And the feta walnut fabulousness just sounds superb! And the wine a great pairing too! You have good clients!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah
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