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Food, Glorious Food! (AND WINE, & SUNRISES, & APRIL)!!!! - Page 2

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Happy Easter Chestnutbloom!


Thanks tons on photos! Mick's are amazing too! Everyone is very welcome to post anything they wish here & so please do! The more the merrier!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Leah, I'm am so amazed at the volumes of food on your plate. Every photo I've seen in the last year has been menu quality... If you take off the octopus, I'd try a bite :)
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Well thank you so much, My Dear Pistachio Shell Teacher & Vermonster Friend Too! How very kind.


I adore huge portions and am delighted that my simpleton way of arranging is entertaining in any way!


As for ingredients, you may be more pleased to know that I have been in one vicious & delicious repetitive pan seared salmon jag lately too! I could salmon every day and have been doing it in a luscious caraway crust! Amazing!!!!!!!


Happy new week!!!

Cheers!!!!!!!!!! - Leah

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The steaks are the best and the last one (yesterday) was over black rice which I love!
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Leah, morning.... sorry to hear about your dog... all good things end... anywho, the grub looks perfect as usual... BEER.....????...... You must have lost a wager.... Glad to see you back posting.... Dave
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That all looks phenomenal Leah, very nice thread ! Hoping you & yours had a Happy Easter !
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Hey Leah,   Only one word to describe all those great pictures  "WOW"   well done     points1.png



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Well thank you So much Dave, Justin, & Gary! So kind!
Gorging on salmon again today but turn 45 tomorrow & shall go to pals to ring that in with some fabulous calamari rings dusted in brown rice flour!
Cheers to all & make today delicious!!!! - Leah
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45! Great Happy to you. Put a candle in a crab cake and go for it
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45 !!!! That was so long ago for me, I can hardly remember.... ENJOY THE DAY !!!!!!!
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That looks really delicious Leah! And hope ya have a safe and happy B-Day!


Calamari is one of my favorites, not sure why Coonazz's don't eat them. Must not come in the Gulf.

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Thank you tons for the lovely birthday wishes Knuckle47, Dave, & Foamheart too! Very sweet.


Hopefully I'll snap some photos of the birthday food/wine fun & get those up here on Wednesday or so.


Meanwhile, happy Tuesday of terrificness to all!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Happy Birthday Leah! th_blowing-out-candles-emoticon.gif

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Happy Birthday. Got Wifi finally . Japan is a blast . Went to the Tokyo fish market & over did it then found the sea urchin stall.I couldn't fit one in.
Will head back for round 2 in a day or 2. Ate about the same amount of raw fish as a seal colony. Got there on the Ginza morning peak hour train ,now that's an experience.
Yakitori last night was great if you like pigs heart,ox tongue,chitterlings,Linda having the chicken!
In Kyoto now,just dropped a chunk at the knife store.
Back to Tokyo Thursday night, got plenty left to see & eat in the 7 days we have left.
Have a great birthday.
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Thank you Humdinger! So kind!


And Mick too! So glad you two landed safely and in fabulous Japan! I was there in 2000 and adored it but hearing your uni, knife, Yakitori escapades, does take me back!


Have a blast and travel safely! I look forward to hearing about all your eats and drinks, and everyone else's here too! I gorged on fabulous calamaris cooked in coconut flour & brown rice flour yesterday and dipped in fresh pesto that was out of this world! Will get a phone photo up later.


Cheers!!!!!! - Leah

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We had a great time but not so great weather.Cold & wet. Food was a blast. Did not have a bad meal. Beef to stupid price wise. Very heavily marbled,cut very thin in the shops.
Love the yakitori approach .Great skill to turn the food out on time ,in order. I could watch the cooks all day.Nice use of secondary cuts, tongue ,heart,jowl.
Raw fish? Ate more than your average seal colony! Went to the famous market inTokyo twice to see the wholesale side. Ate in the little places that serve the workers. Watched a guy fillet eels,about 2 per minute. Incredibly neat & clean .Fascinated by all that dried seafood tradition.
Bought 2 knives in Kyoto from a shop that's been in the same family for 15 generations. I was able to give a few pointers to a tour group on what to buy,I did. a Japanese knife course a few years back.
Great time all round,not expensive in fact Tokyo cheaper than Sydney. Had a love affair with Yesibu beer, Linda got into the sake .
I will watch Lost in Translation again & that episode of The Simpsons. My friends that are living there,year 2 , love it.
We will go back. Lots of Aussies go for the snow season up north, cheap when you do the costing. Only 9 hours flying.
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Sounds like a really great time



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Welcome home Mick!
That all sounds epic & amazing!
Post photos when/if it makes sense, & regardless, what a trip! That truly sounds fantastic & as if you two made the most of it!
I would have loved to see the eel cleaning ritual! Have wanted to learn!!
Cheers! - Leah
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