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Last year I bought an Old Country BBQ Wrangler smoker and quickly realized that I would need tuning plates. I did not realize how hard it would be to get some though. I may be the only one but I doubt it, who didn't have 1/4" plate steel, a plasma cutter, or a shear just lying around to make these things. Now that I have these resources available I would like to offer to make those who can't do it themselves a set of tuning plates. Right now I can do width's in 1" increments up to 6" wide i.e. 1", 2", 3" etc. and can cut them to whatever length you need for your smoker. A set of four 1/4" steel tuning plates will be $119 + will ship them for free. IF anyone is interested you can contact me through here or directly at


No one should be without tuning plates because they don't have the resources to get them made. So, here is your chance! I will be uploading pictures over the next few days. For my application the temperatures would register a 65 degree swing from one side of the smoker to the other. After installing the tuning plates and "tuning" the smoker, I have the fluctuation down to an 8 degree swing. Don't miss out on a chance to have even temperatures inside your pit!