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New Char-Griller Akorn owner

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Probably needed another cooker like a hole in the head but couldn't pass on the deal. My daughter works part time at Walmart and they started selling Char-Griller AKORN Kamado Kookers for $288 and she gets a 10% discount. Well, of course I bought one. I took home and unpacked. First, I was really impressed on how well it was packed and how very easy and quick it was to put together. I also checked the thermometer in boiling water expecting it to be way off but to my surprise it was right on. Ordered the smoke stone and pizza stone today online. Cant wait to get cooking with it and see how well it really performs in our cool Pa. weather. Will update once I get cooking with it. Have a good day everyone

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You will love your new Akorn. It is so well insulated it doesn't care what the outside temps are. I have cooked on mine when it was 10° outside.

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