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a crazy comment and a real question

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Been having issues with my A-MAZE-N product focused on starting it and keeping it going......I now "nuke" the pellets for 2.5 minutes and have had no problems since.....I also follow the you tube video method with the heat gun....that for background


Today doing 2 belly bacons pieces  (about 10 lbs) and had to call the IRS on a notice I got...Called the IRS and got on perpetual I went to the garage to light the pellets and low and behold the IRS picked up.....I had just started the process and only had the torch on the pellets for about 5 secs....went in the house to answer the call and when I came out about 15 minutes later....the dog gone pellets were lit and smoking like next time I need to light them, I'm calling the IRS.....(how do you figure?)


Any recommendation on what pellets work best with bacon?   I have been using either hickory/oak or apple.....I also have been smoking a lot of salmon,,,  I need to order pellets….was thinking of amazen products to buy…..any other   place?

Thanks…for all

Pete (torpedo)


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There are lots of places to buy pellets but with the customer service you get from Todd and Amazen I don't buy them any place else.


As for the different flavors I like the fruit tree varieties (light fruity smoke) for poultry for other meats it's pecan, his blend, or cherry mostly.

For bacon I mostly use hickory

For cheese it's usually apple


Place your usual type order and then add a new to you flavor or two each time and see what you like with what

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I only buy from Todd.

I use pitmasters blend ( hickory,maple and cherry ) on all my cured meat and sausage.
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