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Originally Posted by JAnnis View Post

Sorry when I read that I think I need to clarify a little more stainless takes much more power to cut but when your done cutting the pieces are much cooler to the touch than when you cut mild steel. sorry I'm new to this if you couldn't tell and any help is much appreciated!

Never thought about the heat soak in Stainless material. Knowing that now I would opt for mild steel. From what I have read you want heat to stay in it.

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Thanks MD for the input!keep up the good work on that smoker things gonna be a beast!
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Not much progress lately.


I have most of the material measured and marked out for cutting to complete the front end and lower rack assembly. Just need to find the time to do it and put it together. 

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Cut out on work today at 4. Got a little done on the front end.


Yes I offset the front on purpose............








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Nice !!!  Looking better and better 



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Lower rack is coming together. Waiting on a piece of 4 1/2 OD Pipe to get here today to finish up the last leg so the smoker will stand on its own feet. 


I used a hole saw so the pipe would slip into the receiving ends and it made setting up its final resting place very easy. 


There will be steering stops added as well so it don't flip over!! haha








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It stands on its own! haha


Drain is in. I will be headed to get some expanded metal in the AM. I am also coming up with an idea for an attached sliding fold down shelf. I will pick up that material tomorrow as well. 


Couple more odds and ends and it will be smoking like a chooo chooo train! Lol






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Looks Great! You should be smoking some meat in no time! Thumbs Up

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I think tomorrow I will have time to burn it in. I am going to head out early to get some material. Then it's time to light the first fire!
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The running gear came out awesome.
Excellent job.
Now fire it up!
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Fired it up! 


It seems to be very efficient. I loaded it with too much wood but my plan was to get it into the 550* Range for at least 1 hour to burn off all the oils etc. 


So I fired it up and closed the FB door. I opened the lower vents to max. It hit 250* in about 5 minutes using some Oak and Eucalyptus hard wood mix that I burn in my 

fire place. 


I opened the upper vent and in less than 10 minutes it was at 550*. I adjusted the vents and held it at 550* for 1 hour. After that I adjusted them more and held

400* for 7 hours straight. I only added 2 small pieces of wood, I originally stared off with 4 Pieces or so. I just added 3 more pieces and I am going to hold it at 400* 

Til past dark. Then let it cool off. One of the gauges also took a dump. I am glad I ordered and extra one!


I finished the lower rack and built a shelf that will have hinges on the bottom. It will slide over 1.5" and fold down out of the way. The CC Door closures are half way made up. I tack welded the door shut so I could smoke out! haha There are hardly any leaks at all and I have no gaskets on anything. 


So far I am well pleased and glad I found this site. Couldn't have built it without the calculations. Well I could but it would have been a Cluster BLEEP! haha











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Great job! Looks very nice.

Time to put some meat in there.
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Great job!!!

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Originally Posted by LenDecaturAL View Post



Great job!!!

Lol, Thanks!


I went down to the smoker this morning to inspect it. All looks good some of the double wall on the cut out side to the CC opening moved a little. No biggy it does not affect anything. The initial burn in is as hot as it will ever see in its life time. If it lived through that, all will be good to go.


The FB and the way it burns is really efficient. I burned about  9 good size pieces of wood in it yesterday for at least a 16 hour burn and if I had to guess I would say it is 98% efficient by looking at what was left in the ash pan. That is way better than my sealed heatalater fire place in the house! I went out and checked it at about 10pm last night and it was still holding 300* steady. 


I did think about the handle that I will be building and I have the idea now. So the handle will be up next on the list of little things that need to be done to make it 100%.


In the mean time I will be studying on how to build a proper fire to actually smoke food! I know this will be trial an error so I will try a few more burns to get use to what the smoker likes as adjustments to get the temps in the ideal range with the light blue smoke that is needed to get some tasty cooks from it. 


If anyone has any video's or knows where to point me, I am all ears! 




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I'm interested in the proper fire technique as well....pretty sure Gary has a thread about temperature control...
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Steering handle is done besides making a stip/holder to keep it upright when not in use. 


I got the hinges to finish up the movable counter top & after that will be to finish up the CC door closures. 





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Looks great. Was going to put mine I
On 4 wheels with some sort of steering. WAY to much like work. Wheels on the FB end, simple metal frame on the cold side. Wrap a chain around the frame and move it with our tractor....
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Way cool. I like how it kind of looks like an old school farm tractor. icon14.gif
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