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Smoking Cheese

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I recently did my first smoke and it went great. It was with meat two racks of ribs and two whole chickens. I used the Camp Chef Smoke vault 18" and it performed I think flawlessly. That being said I do have two questions:


1) The grease all ended up in my water pan so I had this gnarly water/grease concoction is this an issue? Should I be using something to catch the grease?


2) I really want to smoke cheese but I was reading and the target temp seems to be under 90 degrees. When I seasoned the grill I tried to see if I could get smoke at that level and unless I cranked it up it would not smoke. Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks for the help in advance I really appreciate any help that can be given.

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cheese has to be cold smoked. you will need a smoke generator to smoke cheese . My recommendation is the AMNPS pellet smoker . Just light the pellets and do not fire up the smoker. You can put a  2 liter bottle or two of frozen water in the unit to keep temps down.

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Smoke generator? Forgive my ignorance but what is that? An optional accessory for smokers?
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Go to the sponsor page at the top and look at Amazing smokers web site. They sell dust and pellet smoke generators. I use 2 in my smoker for cheese but it is a large smoker. Easy to use and they don't generate alot of heat. If you have a small smoker you may have to do as Bob suggested and use some ice.

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I appreciate it will have to pick one up.
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