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Finished after 5 hours using 2-2-1, one set foiled and the other not.
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Nice, Looks like one rack for you and one for me Mmmm



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Those are some good looking racks! I always have to eat my dinner first before I veiw these pics. Otherwise I'd go broke and be up all night trying to recreate what everyone else is having. Great job!
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Great job! They look great!
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Good looking Ribs. You wrapped one ,so how did you like them and which did you like best :confused: . Just curious , I'm a no foil Man .

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Arent you supposed to see the tips of the bones?  

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Yes I did foil one and not the other. Both turned out so good, I'm not sure which was which lol.
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Good looking ribs!


I am using a Bradley electric smoker with the briquettes.  What is everyone's choice of wood?  I went with a Hickory on my first shot and they turned out good, just wondering if a different flavor of wood could enhance my experience?  

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Originally Posted by spainglish View Post

To get the membrane off, slide a butter knife between membrane and bone on the short side to separate it then grab it with a paper towel and pull!! It should come right off. The fresher the ribs, the easier it is.


Costco spares are $2.89 / lb and come with the membrane removed. 

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As mummel said, the costco ribs I've purchased lately had the membrane removed already so make sure you're not removing the skin under the membrane. Once you've done it, you'll know the difference. The membrane is super tough, think a paper thin rubber band that can rip if you don't pull it correctly. I've yet to try the 3-2-1 or the 2-2-1 method. I've always just done mine completely in the smoker.
Baby backs have less fat and if you have "finicky" eaters they WILL eat the entire rib. Spare ribs have more meat, and more fat also, they have the end of the bone where there's a knotty mixture of fat, bone and cartilage that those "finicky" eaters will just throw away.
I know everyone has their own opinion on rub/sauce/etc, but I usually follow the "best ribs in the universe" aka BRITU method and they are awesome. It may be my taste buds, but I use 1/2 the cumin called for in the recipe, that's my only change.

Oh and ALWAYS cook them bone down or standing up, either in rib racks or coiled with a skewer holding them. Oil will pool up inside the ribs like a giant cup if you cook them bone up... I made that mistake once.
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Originally Posted by mummel View Post

Costco spares are $2.89 / lb and come with the membrane removed. 

I live in Spain so there are not many Costcos around. I get some pretty fresh stuff though. My butcher usually gets the whole pig and breaks it down. I can ask him to remove the membrane for me,,,, but I like to handle my meat myself:th_Slab_of_meat: lol!
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