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Smoking Boudin

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This coming Saturday I have a free day, meaning no soccer with the kids. I had a friend pick up some boudin on his way though Louisiana. I'm going to be warming up the smoker for a butt, ribs, and boudin. I would like to know if anyone has had experience smoking boudin and what IT to take it to. I'm assuming that sine their are pork products, that I should take it to 180-190. This seems high but, I want to make sure there are no undercooked parts. I do appreciate any help. I will post some pics on Saturday.


Neil Copeland

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Boudin should be fully cooked before its stuffed. You should be fine with taking it to 165°. Hell, you'd probably be fine with 145° but with pork and liver, I'd probably go to 165° just to be sure.
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Thanks MDboatbum!! This smoke is going to put me into a coma with all of this food. I'm pumped!

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