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UMAi Pepperoni

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Mixed this back in Feb. Using UMAi 32mm bags. I used dark paprika.


Pepperoni in the UMAi bags ready to come out.


Some cut shots for you.



paired and ready to vac seal

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Looks great, nepas! Something else I have to try, my backlog is getting bigger by the week.

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Looks like the UMAI bags did good!

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Nice Job, Looks great



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Those look like they turned out well. I hope mine do as well. Mine have been drying for 10 days and are still somewhat soft. They've lost 30%. How much weight loss did you let them get to?

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Love your work Nepas!!!  Really nice looking!! Reinhard

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I took mine to 40%


Thanks everyone

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No need for a curing chamber with these bags?

I gotta try these bags.
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Nice pepperoni Rick....Thumbs Up

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Looks really tasty. Guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and order some of those bags!
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Originally Posted by nepas View Post


I took mine to 40%


Thanks everyone

Thanks, nepas. Mine have a ways to go yet.

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