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1st Pork Loin on the WSM with pics

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I had a 9lb pork loin in the fridge so decided to throw it on the new WSM.   I cut the loin in half and brined for 36 hours in a apple juice brine solution.




A couple hours before they went on I rubbed each loin down with homemade rub and wrapped and put back in the fridge until smoke time.




Loaded the charcoal basket and added a mixture of Hickory, Apple and Cherry chunks. Once the temps stabilized at 245 I put the loins on.   After a couple hours into the smoke I added a few ABTs.






I pulled the meat off once they hit 150, wrapped in foil and towels and placed in a cooler to rest for 30 minutes.  Total cook time was roughly 3 1/2 hours to hit target temp. 






For my first attempt at a Loin, I was extremely satisfied. They turned out juicy, and tasted amazing.   I planned on vacuum sealing the leftovers, but I'm not sure that is going to happen. 




Forgot to add, before I started the cook, I installed casters on the WSM.   This modification was super easy and is the bee knees for moving the smoker around the patio.


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Nice looking smoke! I'm like the wheels! Where'd you buy them from? I'm so gonna steal that idea!!!
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Looks like a great Loin there. Quite a long brine time, I don't normally go that long with a loin, do you feel it made a difference over perhaps just 15-20 hours?

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I brine my kurobuta pork chops at work for 48 hours, or two days whichever comes first! Man are they tasty!!! Someday I'm gonna smoke a couple of those...
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Great looking loin-very moist. You definitely got the timing right on that one. Great job, thanks for posting, David.
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very nice i am considering doing a loin this weekend. thanks for the post and pics

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Great looking loin. Just FYI you can pull at 135 for med rare. I know, people are scared of pink pork but it is so darn good. Really a world of difference if you aren't scared of the pink.

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