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Buffalo Legs!

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Hi Y'all,


I followed the"Hot Wings Gary Style" thread/procedure and made some amazing chicken.  These legs were awesome, better then wings I think!  I believe we need to revolt against the wing prices!  Well, revolt is a strong word, perhaps boycott.  My Buffalo legs cost 1.29 per lb, whole wings are about twice that and wing pieces already cut up are outrageous.  These were like lovely large drumettes, moist and juicy!  


I would post a link to Gary's thread, but I don't know how.  I followed his procedure and here's the results!


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Hey Mike, Thanks, they sure look tasty, Main thing do you like them ?     points1.png




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Loved them!


I took the picture of them on the grill because my family vultures were circling the pit!  They were goners as soon as I plated them.  I will do this again and again!



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Tasty looking drummies! There's no cheap cut of meat in our neck of the woods anymore. I buy whats on sale and stick it in the freezer for a later date. I have two packs of wings left in the freezer, bought 6 packs for $1.49 pound a while back.
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Nice  Legs .

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They saved me some!  Here's a few legs with some red beans and rice!  Delicious.


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Dang it man that looks good


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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