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1st Spatchcock Chicken - Mini WSM or the kettle??????

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So I've never done one of these before but with whole chickens so cheap I'm tired of buying pieces!  I cut the back bone out, removed the giblets, layed it out flat, injected a little creole butter and rubbed with Tony C's Creole seasoning.  This is what I've got in the fridge:



Now the questions:


1- Cook it on the Mini WSM or the 22"kettle?

2- Wood type, I've got cherry, pecan, peach, hickory and apple??


Let me know your thoughts!

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I've never spatched a bird before I usually butterfly or quarter them...

Mini or kettle? You can't go wrong either way. I tend to use my kettle for chickens unless I'm doing a beer can chicken then it's mini all the way!

As far as wood type, I've only used hickory of the ones you've listed but I've seen a lot of guys like pecan and cherry for poultry.

Sorry I couldn't be more of a help! But I'll be following along with this smoke... It's gonna great with any of the options you choose!
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I'd toss it on the mini at about 350° with pecan and cherry. Can't go wrong with chicken on the mini. Let us know how it turns out!
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So that's one vote for mini and one vote for kettle - I'm still stumped!


Where should I place the temp probe?  Thigh or breast (or both?)  I've got an igrill 2 with 4 probes (love it by the way).  Either or should be 165 done temp correct? 


In the mini I usually have a probe hanging just below the top rack NOT blocked by food so nothing drips on it.  I don't trust the cheesy flush mount thermometer.  The probe give me a good pit temp but I'm concerned with the whole bird in there I won't have anywhere "safe" for the pit temp probe?  Of course it's easier to control temp on the mini than the kettle (I think?)...


Also should I go minion or full bore chimney full of coals?


I'm going outside to clean both machines up and see which one calls my name louder...

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Ok - so I just got done cleaning them both up and depending on which one I'm looking at I like that one best.  I really need to make sure I don't buy any more grills!


I think I've decided on the mini wsm.  I figured since this site taught me how to make one and got me into "smoking" it's only fair.  Not to mention I haven't used it since I got the kettle for my birthday in December.  


So I'm off to start about a half chimney and I'm loading up the basket with half cherry and half pecan chunks!  Wish me luck - pics to come!

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Be some nice Yardbird



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Here we go...

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On the smoke...

I dumped a beer in the diffuser (pie pan wrapped in foil). Hope that wasn't a bad thing. Only thing I'm really concerned about is the pit temp. My therm is about an inch underneath the grate with the bird on it.

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Gunna be good



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Should be getting close, depending on where the mini settled in, temp wise. As for internal temp, 165° in the breast and 175° in the thigh is where I like it. With a spatched bird on my mini they always seem to magically hit those temps at the same time. I usually just probe the thickest part of the breast then check with my Thermapen to make sure.
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One hour in. Breast temp 113. I guess with the bird right on top of the pit probe and dumping the beer down below its slowing the heat. Has only climbed to around 250. I'll take it. Might put it right on top of the hot coals at the very end to crisp it up. Love the versatility of the mini. I'll probe the thigh for 175 once I hit 165 on the breast. Thanks for the pointers!

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Hour and a half in. This could be the easiest smoke I've ever done. After opening the vents all the way over an hour ago it's finally gotten around 280. Just now hearing the sizzle drips telling me the beer finally steamed away. TBS the whole time. Bird is up to 141. Might have to put this in the regular rotation.
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Thats a good looking bird. Your gonna love it

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Should be tasty. I prefer to run a dry smoker for poultry and in the mini no diffuser. You'll get higher temps and a perfect juicy meated bird with a crispy skin. Cherry and pecan are a great mix. Spatched birds cook evenly and it's one of the best ways to go.
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Never mentioned I didn't do a brine but it turned out fantastic! Definitely in my standard rotation. That was a tasty bird!

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No that's some nice looking Bird



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Yep the right choice!

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Looks great.
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Awesome golden color!
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With your choices , either one will work . I tend to go toward Cherry with Chicken ,because I can get it easily . I would rather have Pecan , but can't get any here and the bags are too expen$ive.

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