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Originally Posted by EricF517 View Post

Couple things left to put back on, but the painting is done!

Awesome job, looks fantastic! points.gif
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EricF517- looks awesome!


For anyone who has the older model of this smoker and would like the updated firebox like this picture:

I just called their customer service line (1-877-447-4768) and ordered these 3 parts for $40 with shipping:

  • Charcoal Chamber – Part # 314-00002-02 – Price $15.00 
  • Charcoal Grate – Part # 314-00001-01   - Price $7.50 
  • Ash tray – Part # 70-01-254 – Price $13.68


Not bad as that's pretty close to how much it was going to cost me to fabricate that stuff anyway. I'll post pictures when I get the stuff.



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Hello everyone,


I just bought this smoker.


How much charcoal do you use?  Do you fill the basket with unlit charcoal, and then dump some lit charcoal on top to get things started?


Instructions seemed to indicate lighting the entire basket at once, but that's now how I imagined doing it.

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Originally Posted by moloch16 View Post

Hello everyone,


I just bought this smoker.


How much charcoal do you use?  Do you fill the basket with unlit charcoal, and then dump some lit charcoal on top to get things started?


Instructions seemed to indicate lighting the entire basket at once, but that's now how I imagined doing it.

Hi moloch...I think for your first run, which should be your seasoning run (no meat), fill her up all the way and let it burn. This way you'll burn off any oil on the metal and you can gauge how hot the thing gets, where smoke leaks out, etc. Once you season it and get a feel for how hot it can get and for how long, then throw some meat on!


Let us know how it goes or if there are any more questions! I will post some pics of my next smoke, maybe today or over the weekend!

Good luck!

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Yep, will do that for seasoning.  When I want to smoke some meat seems like you put some lit coals ontop of unlit coals.  At least that's what some pics in this thread show.


I used some hi-temp silicone to seal between the coal box and main box.  Will see how much it leaks and maybe get some nomex gasket for the doors.


Should be fun!

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Hi Thanks for sharing your pics.  I just ordered the smoker and it's going to be my first.  I'm curious if anyone have an opinion between the nomex tape and hi-heat silicon between the firebox and smoker.  I've seen some people use nomex pretty much everywhere.  


Thanks in advance!

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Definitely hi-heat silicon between firebox and smoker.  The gap will be irregular and the silicon molds nicely to these irregularities.  I also used the silicon to seal the door for the same reason.  Nomex would probably work fine on the doors too.


You can get a tube on Amazon for $5 (Permatex 81160 High-Temp Red RTV Silicone 3oz).  I was able to seal the firebox and leaky portion of doors before running out.  The bottom and back of doors near hinges don't leak on my somker.

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Thanks for getting back to me! How do you seal the door with silicon...won't it stick to the firebox and the door causing it to stay shut?  Thanks agian!

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Place saran wrap, wax paper, or something similar between the door and firebox when you shut the door and let the silicon cure.  Then after curing, you can peel the paper off.  I used wax paper and it worked great, I've read about others using saran wrap.  I've also read about spraying the firebox with Pam and then the silicon won't stick.

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Thanks!  I'll definitely do that.  Have you done anything about creating a baffle or used a water pan?  I saw this one doesn't come with one and I'm not sure it would be necessary since the smoker is vertical and the heat doesn't have to flow too far over.

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I sort of created a baffle with a water pan.  I placed a cake-pan sized water pan on the first rack right above where the heat comes in from the firebox.  I think this helped distribute the heat and at the same time provided some moisture and helped with temperature control.


I should mention how I suggest firing the smoker.


I fill the coal chamber about half-way with unlit coals, positioned towards the smoker, and forming a bit of a ramp.  Then dump a 3/4 chimney on the other side.  This seemed to work well, bringing up the smoker to about 225 and holding there for about 3 hours, I didn't really have to do anything.  The unlit coals slowly lit over time.  This was in full sun on a 90+ day, so that helped.


I suggest these steps:

1) Fill chimney 3/4 full.  Light, and wait for 3/4 fully lit.  Don't want to see any smoke off the coals.

2) Dump that in the coal box, up agains the unlit coals

3) Wait for smoke from coals to become clear again.

4) Put your meat on

5) Throw some wood on hot coals


The reason for steps 1 and 3 is you don't want to smoke your meat with smoke off the briquettes (assuming you are using briquettes).  When they are hot enough, they stop putting out smoke.


Disclaimer:  I've only done one smoke on this smoker, so your mileage may vary!

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Thanks again!  I really appreciate the help and tips for getting it started.

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I used Hi temp silicon on mine as well . Worked great . I had a roll of stretch wrap that I used to keep it from sticking to the door 

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What size nomex tape are you guys using? How much of it did you need for both doors? I tried fiberglass wood stove gasket on the smoker door, but it didn't hold very well. Tried again, pulling it a little less tight and letting it sit longer, but I'm not confident it will hold when I open the door again.
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I just ordered the Dyna Glo Wide Body smoker from the Depot and I couldn't be more excited.  Upgrading from a Char Broil Silver Smoker and looking for more real estate and am getting that and more with this one.  Should be here later this week and I'll get to work doing the mods people listed here and maybe add some pics to this thread to confirm i got it right.  I'll probably just use the Nomex tape on the doors and the hi temp silicone around the firebox/chamber connection for ease of completion. The slanted baffle using a cooking pan with some holes drilled in it is an absolutely perfect idea for temp control. 




One mod that I haven't seen any advice on is adding wheels.  I'll be storing this in my garage but moving it out to the driveway to cook and I'll need some wheels for that.  I suppose I could put it on a cart which would help with the relatively low height of the unit but I'd rather just add some wheels.  Any suggestions?  My driveway is sloped a bit so I can't just add casters or it will roll down the street. 


Also, to the OP, where are you from in the Northeast?  I'm just south of Boston and don't know a lot of people around me that do proper BBQ so it'd be nice to have someone to talk shop.

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Put a really thick line of the silicon between the smoker box and the chamber.  I used steel wool and orange cleaner to get it good and clean before applying (wipe the orange cleaner off after use.


I've also been thinking of wheels..the metal on the legs isn't very thick so I've been nervous about drilling holes in it.  Post pics if you figure something out!

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This guy added wheels to the Dyna Glo vertical smoker, looks like it was pretty easy just drilled a hole and bolted it on.  Pretty confident this will work out fine I will probably put some lawnmower wheels on it as I might be rolling it on grass at times. 




Here's mine, just finished putting it together yesterday.  They changed the latch method on this one, instead of the handle turning to latch it close there's a clamp at the top right and one on the underside of the cooking chamber that you have to latch closed.  Not sure I like it, but it gives a nice tight fit.  We'll put that to the test when I season it this weekend.  The firebox door is definitely loose and will need some nomex tape and it got dinged a little bit on the back too.  Just a little work, no big deal.  Happy with it and that I got it for under $100 out of my own pocket (gift cards for my birthday)


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Have you run your wide body yet? I'm leaning towards picking one up instead of the 1176. Yours come with the door gasket and if so how did it seal? If possible, whats the width of the vertical cook chamber so I can start looking for a diffuser pan. Have to order from depot also so I can't physically see one. Thanks.
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I used the nomex between the firebox and cooking chamber and also had to add bolts to close the gap that opens up when it gets hot.
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Hey everyone,


I had a pretty successful first run with my smoker.  I couldn't always tell when to add more wood/charcoal.  I didn't want to add it too soon and risk the smoker over heating, but didn't want to wait too long.  Any advice? I'm not using the extra wide, just normal dyna-glo vertical.



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