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Beer Chick!

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My first beer butt chickens!

Beer in the butt, and butt rub on rest :icon_lol:

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Now I have to get rid of the left over beer!!!


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Into the smoke at 230 degrees. Wish me luck!


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Internal temp at 160, time to rest. They smell great!!


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Wow. That didn't take long.
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Well, I've been working hard, at taking pictures, and getting rid of all of the extra beer. Didn't start posting till they were done. Besides, I didn't want to keep you waiting..


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Got ya, had me worried.

They look good
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These birds were fresh free range chickens from Whole Foods. They were already brined by Whole Foods, and were on sale today for $1.99 a lb. and they were EXCELLENT! The breast meat was super juicy and tender. They turned out very good, and I will definitely do it again!

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Nice.. Brup:beercheer:

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