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A simple breakfast fattie

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Just posting some pic's of another fattie I made.

The outside was a 50/50 blend of Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage and ground beef.

Inside we have scrambled eggs, chorizo,onions and mozzarella cheese.  A pretty basic fattie, but oh so good.




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i've been dying to make a breakfast fattie. I'm the only one in the house that would eat it though. One of these days. Looks great

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Excellent Job, Mr Bass!!!:drool:drool


Looks Mighty Tasty!---------------------:points:




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That's a great looking fattie! drool.gif
I agree with Bear!! points1.png
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Terrific. Love the shape you got on the fattie!





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EB, That fattie looks excellent!

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figured this was the place to be, that looks awesome I'll have to give that one a try

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do you pre cook the filling?

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Great question.   I pre cooked the chorizo and then drained it well.  The scrambled eggs were also made ahead of time.  

The diced onions were raw.   I might try pre cooking them with the chorizo next time though,  just to experiment.

 All the pre cooked stuff was left to cool before assembly.

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ok cool thanks.

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