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Bone in Boston butts

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Good morning from southeast Texas my fellow meay smoking enthusiast. I am running two bone in butts for the first time. I have smoked numerous boneless. Thought i would take you on my journey. Here are some prep and starting pics. Smkoer is climbing to 250. I will try and keep everyone posted thru the smoke ride.

Started with a yellow mustard massage to allow my own season dry rub to stick.

Rubbed down and ready for the smoker

In they go. 2 to 1 mix of mesquite and apple chips. Sun is just now waking up. See you guys later.
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We will be here watching. Good looking butts so far. 

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Thanks gunkle. Its been a while since i have posted anything. Hope it goes well. biggrin.gif
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Four Hours in. Here is a juicy shot of mid term butt. Top piece is 150F. Looking strong.

Getting ready to start on the Shiner no 97 since the weather is soggy.
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If you're looking, you're not cooking.   Check probe tender around 195* and see if it needs more.   Looks great though!

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Just opening up midway for photo op. Next time will be to finish them off. I typically shut the door and let it go until temp is reached. Got a moisture pan so the meat doesnt dry out.
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Looking good waiting for the finale!
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While we are waiting. Temp is about 195. About time to check the butts.
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First one done after 10 hours. Great bark and pulled apart great. The bone came out clean as a whistle.

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Second one took an extra hour. Same results. Fed the fam and they loved it. Hope you enjoyed the views. Any feedback is welcome.
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Nice, Looks Good    points1.png




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Thanks for the tasty ride along!Looks-Great.gif
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Yum. Great bark. That's a job well done
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Nice! Great smoke.

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Thanks fellas. It was one of my better runs for sure.
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Dang man that looks amazing.... Drooling here
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