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Newbie's first smoke tomorrow!

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Well, Bradley 4 rack is all set up.  Got my apple bisquettes and am going to attempt my first smoke tomorrow.  I purchased a pork loin for my first smoking.  Seemed like a good idea to start off with a less costly piece of meat first. 


Really am working hard on having success with smoking.  I went out and found an igrill2 so I could really be accurate with internal temp.  Off and running tomorrow, wish me luck!

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Good luck on your first smoke! Are you brining your pork loin?

Keep us posted!

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Good luck, if I may suggest pork butt(shoulder) is the easiest hunk of meat try it next almost impossible to screw it up!dont forget we like Q-view(pics)grilling_smilie.gif
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I wasn't planning on brining it. You all think I should? I can real easy. I wasn't sure if it would help or not.
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It couldn't hurt the loin is a leaner cut.
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Off and running! Seasoning the smoker per the instructions. Found a really nice cart to set the smoker on so I don't have to bend down. Pork loin in fridge on a brine as you all thought was a good idea.

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Good luck. Share lots of pics. Take lots of notes.

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Off and running! Did run to the butcher and found a brisket earlier today! Lol

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Good thing you got some pics to remember the shiny new interior by :icon_lol:

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Ok, all done. Learned a ton on this first smoke. I did cook the loin to 147it and then pulled it out, wrapped in foil and covered with towels for about 40 minutes.
The first mistake I made was slicing a few pieces too thick, about 1/2" thick. It was good sliced thick, but when my wife suggested I slice it real thin, it was fricken amazing! I have never had pork that had so much moisture and so much great flavor!
Another thing I did was put some real small red potatoes on the top shelf of the smoker and cooked those. Took them off the smoker and put em in a bowl and melted butter all over them. Those were excellent too. You could taste the smoke flavor in the peel.
Being brand new to smoking, the iGrill2 was well worth the expense. It really helped me keep an eye on things.
Overall a success for my first smoke. I just have never had food with that much flavor in it. I can see how this can be an addicting hobby! Thank you for the help here.

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Nice job on your first smoke!


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Dang it looks great!
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Looks very good. Welcome to the addiction.

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