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Certainly this has been beat to death but....what are you fine folks using for fuel? Have been using nothing but chunk for years. Was mindlessly watching some YouTube videos on UDS'S and observed some folks using a mix of chunks and briquettes. So what say you?
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KBB all the way at my house. I have not had good luck with lump because all I can get here is cowboy and it just sucks. I have a huge pile of maple outside that needs to be made into charcoal though. Note to self to get that done.

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To be honest I tend to use whatever is on sale at the time. I like to keep a small stock of charcoal for my own prepper reasons but cycle it out as I do smokes. I usually use Kingsford briquettes and do a 70/30 mix with Royal Oak lump. I also supplement with chunks of various types of wood for additional smoke when needed. Most of the time the charcoal alone will provide the smoke I need for most things.

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