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Anniversary Pork Butt!

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Today is my tenth wedding anniversary.  While out running around I picked up a nine pound pork shoulder at $1.49/lb.  It's rubbed and ready to go tomorrow.  I think I'm going to use the Brinkmann vertical smoker on this one and see if it holds temperature a little better now that it's a little warmer than ten degrees.  Pictures will start in the morning.

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Good luck on the smoke , and I'll brew some Coffee and watch . . .Coffee.gif

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Congrats on your anniversary! Your audience is building-I'm in too! See ya tomorrow, David.

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Pork butt is rubbed and on the smoker.  I'm using a mix of pecan and apple wood, smoking at 275 since we celebrated our anniversary well into the night and I got a bit of a late start this morning. 


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Congrats on the 10,   Butt looks good




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Looking good Medic, keep em coming. :-)
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About 3 1/2 hours into the cook...although it's performing just fine I'm realizing I honestly don't care for the vertical smoker.  I think I'll give it to my neighbor after this butt's done.


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Looking Good ,   What is it you don't like about your smoker ?



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Doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that smoker-the shoulder is looking real good! I'm curious too what it is you don't care for. David.

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Happy anniversary Medic, and many more. Don't give up on that vertical smoker just yet. Good looking pork shoulder there.

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I just don't care for the setup for the most part.  Like I said, there's nothing wrong with the vertical smoker, I just prefer using my offset.  :)

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Happy happy anniversary! Nice looking butt:biggrin:
I wish I was your neighbor!
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Finally finished!  After a one hour rest, this is what I had:



And here's the final product, pulled and ready to eat:


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Looks great!
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Looks plenty edible to me.  Thumbs Up

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Nice Job,   Looks Good



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Perfect pulled pork!



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It was decent but I don't think the quality of the pork was very good.  I think I'll stick with getting mine from the meat locker and paying a little more.

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