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9.4lb Pork Shoulder

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Sorry I have been absent for awhile guys, been busy with other stuff and havent smoked anything since early January when I did my deer sausage. I am getting the itch again so I picked up a 9.4lb shoulder from the local market, rinsed it good and then trimmed the fat cap off. Rubbed it with some Grill Master Applewood rub and its in a pan, covered in foil now, before it hits the smoke I will poke some knife holes down in it for some garlic cloves to be shoved inside. Going to smoke it saturday on Apple Wood of course.
What is your opinon, did I rub it too soon? Is more absorb time better for the rub? We will see...

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Glad your back, some rub the day before, some right before they smoke




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I don't think it's too soon at all, especially for something that size. Maybe even sprinkle on some more right before cooking. Looks good already.
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You're good. Slightly richer flavour given the meat has had an extra day to marinade. No worries at all.

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Thanks guys, I have rub left still, maybe give it another rub tomorrow evening just because I can. LOL

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I , too would say you're good to go.


Have fun and  . . .

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Nice looking pork butt. Good luck with your smoke, post plenty of pics-we'll be watching you! Catch you Saturday, David.

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I'm in ,keep us posted !:popcorn

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I turned the butt on it's side tonight and stuck a knife in as deep as it would go in 4 places, each slit got 4 garlic cloves, should be good, I love garlic. I also added some more rub and put it back in the fridge, will be starting the smoke in 7 hours (7am-ish), figuring it is going to take around 9-10 hours, but its done when its done (205 degrees)...

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Hope you got her going this morning, keep us updated with pics, maybe smoke something myself and watching yours also, love a good smoke:439:

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I'm in! Please keep posting!



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I woke up late, damn whiskey n cokes. Got it in and smoke was rolling at 8:30. I stacked extra wood in the tray so I could let it roll for longer, didnt open it for 4.5 hours, temp is steady at 250...


I opened it up a couple minutes ago to add water to the pan and add check temp. Sitting at 145 IT right now...

FYI The wood chunks in the pan are just there for drying, the smoke tray is below the water pan.

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Looking Good, Nice Color



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I ended up cheating a bit cause we were hungry, I dropped it in a disposable pan and tented it with foil and some Dr Pepper, temp rose quickly...

As with all my smoking attempts, the bone came out clean...

And of course pulled and left in it's juices to make sammiches...

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Of course what you meant was left in its own juices to send to my friends on SMF. Looks great!



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Originally Posted by Disco View Post

Of course what you meant was left in its own juices to send to my friends on SMF. Looks great!


Good looking PP! It would never clears customs for you to get it Disco.biggrin.gif
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Nice job

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Wow!! Great job-looks incredible! Love the bark, that really adds texture to the PP. Nice smoke, Thanks for posting, David.

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Looks delicious. :-)
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