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Any good smoked Halibut recipes?

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I've done a search and my jaw dropped finding such few recipes.   Anyone have any recipes they'd like to share.   I still have lots of Halibut we caught last year and am trying to find

different ways in cooking it.


Being such a lean fish, I worry as to how much time in a brine.  The one recipe (link below) I found by AlaskanBear  looks great, especially in small chunks, but there's no talk of how long in brine.





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Craig I would look for Pan Fish recipes being that fish does not have a lot of oil .

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Craig I use the typical 4:1 brine but heavy on the sugar.

For grilling I like some butter thin slices of Walla walla sweets a good amount of garlic and right at the end a dusting of fresh grated Parmesan.

Only got out for one trip last halibut season. I hope to make it over for a few more trips this year.
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