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Kingsford on sale at costco

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I was at Costco yesterday and they had Kingsford competition briquettes with an in store rebate, 36lbs for $15 they also had blue bag but I can't remember the price but it had a rebate too. Just a heads up if anyone was looking for a deal. This is in SoCal btw not sure if it is everywhere. :grilling_smilie:

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No Costco here :th_crybaby2:. I think I have enough to make the Memorial day sale.

Happy smoken.


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I bought 8 large bags last year on ultra clearance... Some I only use it for the rotisserie spit, I'm good for a while.
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My local Costco doesn't carry the blue bags. The competition briquettes are like $4.50 off but I'll wait for the HD Memorial Day sale to restock!
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I'll wait for the $9.87 for 40 lbs sale for Original briquettes that HD and Lowes has each year, definitely at Memorial Day but usually in mid-April too. 


It looks like Kingsford is about to pull a corporate stretch play by cutting bag size to 18.6 lbs instead of 20 lbs for Original briquettes.  Grrrrrr.  :no_no:    

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thx for the heads up....still have some Comp left from last Fall, I always buy some at Costco right b4 they close it out to last through Winter grilling. It is good stuff......Willie

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The competition briquettes burn too hot and fast for my taste. Every time I use them I have to refill my basket after a few hours. And they make my offset reach temps of 300+ degrees. No good! I'm out of charcoal though... So even though I know I don't like em, I'll probably still buy em.

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