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smoking beef sticks

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Hi all,

I have always used old gas and charcoal smokers but just bought a new master built electric smoker. I have a batch of beef sticks ready to smoke and am wondering if any of you use the water pan when you smoke sticks? First time smoking sticks. Always did them in the oven before. Thanks.

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Which Masterbuilt smoker do you have.... can you control the heat below 150... I don't use a water pan when I smoke meats....
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If you have any of the digital MES this:


100 F - dry for 2 hours (no smoke)

bump to 120 F and add your smoke

bump up 10 degrees every hours until you reach a max of 170

smoke until proper IT


This is my usual schedule and I will usually load 2 rows of dust into the AMNPS for the smoke.


I'd highly suggest putting a thermo at grate level or close to make sure you're smoking at the temp you think you are.

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I have the Masterbuilt 30" Black 20070511  100-275 degree. This will be my first time using it, seasoned it the other night for about 3 1/2 hours.

Garage sure smells good now.

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I'm no good with the thousands of model numbers the MES30 has. Controls in front or back?


Either way, smoke to the schedule above (or similar), and you'll be home free! Good luck and don't forget the q-view.


Oh water pan btw Thumbs Up

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You have some great advice there on the temps for smoking  your sticks.  I also do not use a water pan for sticks or any sausage I smoke.  Keep your vent open also.  Reinhard

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Keep the vent open throughout the whole process? I see your in Andover, I'm in Moorhead. Thank you

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Yes the whole time. Closing the vent could lead to a creosote build up and a bitter tasting smoke on your snack sticks. Good air flow is key to a clean smoke.

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Great advice, thank you very much.

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