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Brisket, chicken and baked beans!!

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Got a nice sized brisket from my local butcher. The price wasn't horrible. I've seen cheaper but this is a quality brisket. I'm planning an overnight smoke, Friday into Saturday. I'll pick up some whole chickens after work on Friday along with all the ingredients for some baked beans. Brisket will be on my Weber kettle/Smokenator and the beans will go in the electric smoker box. Once I pull the brisket off to rest, I'll put the chickens on the Weber. More details to come on Friday.

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PD, I'm in ,keep us posted !

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I got the same meal planned for the weekend. I'm starting on Saturday to eat Sunday though. I'll have to keep my eye on this post
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Wow, that's a big hunk of meat! Can't wait to see it in the smoker. I predict a big audience for this. And Colonelredbeard(you better post pics) the next day!.Cool, a double-header! Happy smokin', David.
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What a day!!
I got everything I need. First impressions of my local butcher.....
I can diffnitaly tell there is more turn over at The big box stores. The brisket looks and feels the same but the blood smell, wow. I actually called the butcher and told him it was rancid. He said, "the smell was most likely the blood cryovaced in with the brisket". All the other briskets I've cooked have not smelled like that but I have had a few pork shoulders that did. My wife said it wasn't a rancid smell, it was the blood. Now everyone here has to know something, my wife is ALWAYS right, no exceptions. The brisket was deemed safe since without it my weekend smoke is done. My wife also quoted something that I've heard over and over within blogs, videos and this forum. "We can always just order a pizza". Now calmed down, I rinsed/trimmed the brisket and placed in my marinade for 2 hours (it's been in for one hour).
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I pulled the brisket at 205 at 11:30, it's resting in the cooler. I was preparing to get the chickens on when this happened;

Well maybe there was a reason it was an open box for only $75. It never did seem too stable. It wobbled from day one and had a slight lean. I don't think Weber warrenty applies since it was open box.
So, no chicken and the baked beans will be cooked in the electric smoker.
Good news is that now I will have a better chance at talking the financial advisor into a new smoker.
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FWIW my WSM has never tipped over! Now where are the pics of the brisket?
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Ill take pics of the brisket once the beans are done.

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The weld on one of the back legs broke loose. I was actually more afraid of the ront leg. The welds on it were loose too.

I was thinking Stumps Classic or the Lang 60 Deluxe. Both are good smokers and capable of cooking competitions. The Lang is more easily moved without renting or buying a trailer but the Stumps would let me get some sleep. I'm thinking a charcoal basket and a Guru would let me get at least 4 hours on the Lang though. The most time I'm tending the fire every 45min to an hour anyway.
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Burnt ends with sauce

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Same process as last smoke. IMHO, the Prime whole packer brisket on my last smoke was far and away better than this choice brisket. This brisket was good though. I just wish I could smoke these more often.
The prime brisket will definitely be my go to from now on.
I would like to try the huge briskets (20 Lbs and up) from the meat packers I have by me. There is one west of where I live, http://www.wyanetlocker.com. And, there is one east of me, http://www.whittinghammeats.com.
The prime brisket from Costco set the bar pretty high and it was cheaper.
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Looks good, I think both of those companies make good smokers there are a lot to chose from it would take a lot of research to choose I'll stick with my WSM.
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Nice job on the brisket. Love the burnt ends! Great job-thanks for posting, David.

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Thanks b-one.

I was thinking of getting a WSM for finishing the chicken during comps. I would use an UDS but can't get past it being a 55 gallon drum.
Weber usually makes good products. I don't know what happened to my 26 inch kettle. I had it only a year. It does make me think though. I use my grills probably every couple days during the week and every weekend. I do tthis regardless of the temperature or weather outside. my smaller, 22.5, kettles last years. Maybe the tripod for the larger 26 just isn't built strong enough for its weight.
I'm going tomorrow to look at a local welder's smokers. I think I'll stop and check out the Weber smokers and Peformers at "The Great Escape" as well.
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Thanks David.
This hobby of ours is becoming a passion for me. It seems this is all I talk about to everyone around me. This forum is a great release.
Keep Smokin everyone, Don
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Brisket looks great, good luck on the smoker



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I would recommend calling weber! It comes with a ten year warranty... Can't hurt to ask!
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Originally Posted by Welshrarebit View Post

I would recommend calling weber! It comes with a ten year warranty... Can't hurt to ask!

Certainly can't and it may work out !

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Looks awesome!

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