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Corned beef brisket/pastrami newbie

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Found myself buying a corned beef brisket to smoke, the process was easy and the end result was good, just kinda salty for my taste. Wondering if doing the brine myself and own spices instead of a spice pack would be better. I'm open for suggestions.
Last time I smoked it until internal of 190 and wrapped it until next day and sliced it thin and cold.
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I'd think maybe soaking in ice water for about an hour (changing water 1/2 point) would help to solve that issue on the too salty for your taste? Might be worth a shot???

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You have to soak the ones you buy, and if you make your own corned beef, you will have to soak that also.

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I'll try it, is an hour long enough? And I'm assuming ice water just to keep the meat cold? I'll probably do another one Sunday, I'll post pics. Thanks
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Depends on your taste and "how salty" (or not) you want it IMO-  might want to cook/taste test on a small slice to be sure it's not too salty for you? It may take several hours of soaking or not

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I think a 24 hour soak on a store bought should work.  Then adding a pastrami rub that doesnt have any salt in it will give just the right amount of salinity.

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I normally soak 10 to 12 hrs.

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I soak mine for 6-12 hours in ice water and change the water every two hours. but unless you slice a piece you really don't know how salty it still is. Sometimes it takes longer than others to get the flavor I like. Good luck with your smoke, I look forward to seeing it.
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