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Trying to buy an electric smoker in Bulgaria

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Hello Forum! I'm from New York and have recently moved to Bulgaria to open up a bbq restaurant with a good friend. My problem here is no one smokes meats other than smoke shacks in the mountains. I'm having difficulty finding an electric smoker here. this not the land of plenty but they are in the EU. Any suggestions on company's with decent equipment near me where I can either drive to or have shipped here?

It's not easy bringing real bbq to Eastern Europe but it's going to get done.

Any help would be great!
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Hello.  From Texas; live in England.  Obviously you can have things shipped from the U.S.A. and England.  Why MUST it be electric?  Electric DOES have some troubles that need to be dealt with.  U.S.A. uses 110 at 60 hertz and England uses 240 at 50 hertz.  Don't have a clue about Bulgaria.  SOME things are adaptable.  Do you have electrical experience for any conversions needed?  Wall plugs are even gonna be different.  Have you considered propane or charcoal?  Germany has a BIG tradition of smoking meat and smokers  are available there.  How about a propane fuelled fridge build?  I would have thought you could  be able to find some GREAT old fridges there.  Just some thoughts.  Keep Smokin!


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Thanks for the reply. I'm thinking that at 110 I can easily get an adapter for it. I'm used to working with electric smokers and being in a restaurant environment I want to stay away from charcoal. Propane may work, I'll look into that.

I'm thinking about having one shipped in. Any suggestions on a model? I want to be able to smoke around 10 racks of pork ribs at a time. That would be the biggest load. Everything else will be veggies and small amounts of bacon.
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The American BBQ Company, located in Hemel Hempstead UK, is the distributor of Cookshack commercial electric smokers for much of Europe. They may be able to help you.

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If you can get a cookshack, do it. I own the Amerique 066 and have not had any problems.  You might want to contact Smokin-it and SmokinTex and see what air freight charges would be.  

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hi, there is nearest in Romania


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