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Grilled flank steak with artichokes & zucchini

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A simple marinated flank steak grilled along side some marinated artichokes. The chokes are for a leftover dinner tomorrow but the flank steak was destined for tonight along some fried zucchini and potatoes.




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Beautiful Plate, color is great   Question looking at your sliced did you slice with the grain ?




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Yes, the surface cross cuts are against grain whereas the finished full slices are with the grain.

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Looks great Craig, I'd have dove into a plate o that ! icon14.gif
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Still looks Good     Great Job




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Nice lookin plate.
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Love me some flank steak! Did it turn out chewy cut that way? My wife forgot how to slice it one night for mongolin beef I was surprised how chewy it was still tasted great just a bit of a work out eating dinner.
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Cutting with the grain wasn't too bad at all.  Wife said it would be best looking for pics.   Hummpphhh!

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<Chuckles> when ya cut it that way, does it's butt look big?


Great looking meal......

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Dang, that looks good . . .Thumbs Up and points by the way...

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Thanks all for the kind words.  It's always fun when a dish turns out good enough to pull the phone out of the pocket to take pics.  Now let's see if that happens tomorrow when I smoke some Sturgeon and Halibut.

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Steak looks great. Did you figure out what kind of brine for the fish?



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Looks tasty Craig! T-bones and artichokes is one of our families favorite dishes!

Sturgeon and halibut both smoke up nicely. Smoked halibut makes a nice sandwich!
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Looks yummy.  Those would make some killer BBQ sandwiches too.  Im hungry

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I'm with these guys ^


That looks like one of those kind of meals where you're already looking forward to having it in a Sandwich the next day as your still enjoying it for dinner.

Fanstastic looking steak.

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Flank steak is one of our favorite. We like to sear it then serve it rare to medium rare.
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