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First Smoke Mar.14.2015

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Well I did my first Smoke on Saturday and the family was very pleased, I started taking photos early but that fell to the side once the beer started flowing. I did 4 racks of baby backs and a tray of wings with the beans and slaw.


I did have a hard time maintaining temps on Saturday, it was cool out with a stiff N/W wind, so I made a makeshift wind break and smoked on.


Ribs on the bottom of the 4 rack were fall off the bone (wife's fav) and the ribs on the top racks were to me perfect, a little tug when bitten into.


I changed my mind and switched from Alder to Pecan and would definitely use the Pecan again next time so I have to find something else to smoke using the Alder I bought.


Already thinking about my next smoke, what to buy???


This is as far as I got with the pictures, next time I will have to hire one of the kids to be the photographer, or stay out of the beer, no I will hire out the job.



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Nice looking ribs, Fishmonger!

  Yes, I believe you need to "hire" one of the kids to be photographer so you can enjoy those adult beverages......

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