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Pallet wood Weber Performer

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I came across some pallets and decided to make a table for my Weber charcoal grill.  A performer is $349 at Home Depot, and I already have a brand new 22.5" One-Touch Gold, so I got creative.  I think it turned out pretty good.  Total cost of the table so far is $9...the cost of the screws.  Everything else I had around the house.  I added a large eye bolt to the side of the table for the lid hook to hang on.  I had the dark stain already, and even though the pallet wood stained pretty crazily, I like it.  All I need to do now is apply exterior polyurethane, some hooks for my utensils, a beer bottle opener and possibly some casters and it will be done.


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That really looks nice there. Nice job!

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I agree great work!
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Awesome, I have three pallets in the garage that are going to be my MES stand (just gotta finish the other 1million projects I've started). I have a cooler made out of pallet wood and it stained the same way, and I love the rustic look. Great job, and great way to reclaim materials.
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