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chicken quarters.

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I did 4 chicken quarters and was caught off guard a bit as to how fast they got done.just did a simple rub, and put them in. Has the smoker temp at 275-85. I started doing some yard work and probed after about an hour. To my surprise, they had an It Of 200*. I pulled them right out and foiled to rest. Skin was not crisp at all. I basically did pulled chicken and made sandwiches. The flavor was great and everyone enjoyed but I'm going to cook at a little lower temp next time I think. Sorry, no qview
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If they turned out good why are you going for a lower temp next time?
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Check your thermometers! You should have had crispy skin at those temps. I would bet you got a bad reading somehow.

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I tested my maverick 733 and it showed 212* with both probes in boiling water
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I wanted crispy skin and I think it got done to fast to achieve that
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I usually go direct for the last little bit to get some char on the skin. Also if you used oil or didn't dry the skin completely that can be the culprit.

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I think that may be it. I sprayed a little olive oil on it to get the rub to stick. I think I will still coin a little lower next tone. Then crank temp up at the end. The taste was still great, don't get me wrong.
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