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First turkey

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Going to do my first turkey just using a bone in breast. Smoking with hickory and cherry. Dry setup in the WSM hoping for temp of 325-350 can always try lower the next time. Going to stuff some mini sweet peppers with sausage and cheese and wrap with bacon of course SBT I guess.
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Here's the SBT.
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Here's the turkey IT 136*
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Looking good!
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Turned out tender and juicy with good color but the skin wasn't crisp. Worse results could have happened.
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Tasty turkey! Crispy skin is a tough one. Really need high temp above 325. Getting the skin good and dry before hand helps too. I like to air dry in the fridge for 12 hours. When I don't have the time I will hit the bird with the hair dryer on low right before putting it in the smoker. I use that method all the time with chicken.
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I left it in the fridge uncovered about 16 hrs thought it would do the trick think I'll practice more! Got the WSM going over 360* but let the temp come down as the color was looking real good. The next one will try low and slow for some Sammies.
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Looks great !
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