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WOW,,Hot sauce injection

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Yesterday, I smoked a couple pork butts and decided to changed things up a little bit than my usual method. I always inject all my pork butts with a mixture apple juice, Worcestershire, brown sugar, and apple cider vinegar. This time feeling adventurous, I injected a mixture of 1 part simply apple juice, 1 part Franks hot sauce, 2 parts water, and enough brown sugar for a slight touch of sweet.  I sample as I add the brown sugar. I had my doubts at first but smoked the butts as usual, let rest for about an hour and WOW, they where awesome. My wife who normally don't like hot sauce ate 2 PP sammies which surprised the hell outta me (she's a health and fitness nut too) I just wanted to share this with you all it's well worth trying. Have a smokey weekend.

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Interesting, thanks for sharing ! icon14.gif
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CH, Sounds like a great injection !

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I will be using this more often. The flavor was great with just a hint of hot sauce flavor and not spicy at all.
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Sounds Good May have to give that one a try



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