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10lb pork butt. 1st time!!!

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im doing my first pork butt today. Started the process on thursday evening. I did a mixture of materbuilts recipe of the beginners luck pulled pork and bearcarvers recipe. Let er sit in 24oz of root beer for 24 hrs. Pulled it out. Didnt pat or rinse it went straight to my store bought dry rub wraped in plastic wrap back into fridge for 12 hrs. Pulled it out this morning. Let er sit and get to room temp and put more rub on it. Fired up the mes 30 she just hit 165 it temp now double foiled in some apple juice also spritzed it ever 30 mins or so with apple juice to keep it moist. Looks amazing. Ill post pics of finish pork butt when shes done tonight
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I got the popcorn. Can't wait till the the Q views.
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Where's the pics?  I'm still a ways out on my butt.  Need a qview fix,

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I leet it cool overnight. I woke up to the wife already pulling it apart. Made it for her bday so i wasnt able to get a full q view of the butt done. all i got is of it all pulled. But she loves it
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Looks tasty!  Happy b'day to your wife. Nice smoke.



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