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Looks like it turned out tasty!
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You deserve points.gif
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Originally Posted by shaggy91954 View Post

I detect a problem here.  There is just a wisp of pink in that TBS and that could lead to all kinds of problems.  As soon as the meat comes off, cut it in half, wrap in aluminum foil and then a towel and place it in a small cooler.  You should prepare it for fed ex overnite to an address I will provide when you alert me that it is ready.  Upon receipt and after thorough testing, I will advise you as to if the other half is safe to consume.  If it is not you will have to send it to the same address for proper disposal.  Good Luck.

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Thanks TW,


I just read about  your ribs on the new smoker.  I used to wrap and do some form of the 3-2-1 method, but no more!  I've done two butts and 3 racks of baby backs without wrapping and am a changed man.  I found the ribs much better without wrapping, texture and taste.  The butts had a better bark, the interior meat tasted the same, but with more bark meat mixed in when pulled....amazing.  I'm still learning and experimenting.  My opinions are subject to change with each smoking experience.  Happy smoking!



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You've convinced me to try it. No wrap next time.

Your pictures look great! Congrats.

Smoke on.


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Very nice smoke, turned out great looking   points1.png




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Thanks Gary,


Next on my smoke schedule are some drumsticks like yours!  



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