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First Fatties!

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It's time to gain more experience!  I'm a fairly new smoker and thanks to all of your help, I smoked my first 2 Pork Butts a couple weeks ago.  Now it's time to attempt a couple fatties.


I pulled out 3 pounds of ground sausage and divided it in half.  The first fatty is stuffed with onion, bell pepper, and a mixture of 3 cheeses, along with the same rub I used on the pork butts.  The second is stuffed with provolone, fresh spinach, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes.










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In the smoker at 12:30...

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They're getting there...


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Nice looking Fatties   I want to see the money shot



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Nice job, Looks like it turned out great.  "is that my plate" ?



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ROS, Nice looking fatties, well done !:points:

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Great looking fatties! Your plated shot is Money! Nice Smoke!

Smoke away!!!
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