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Second Pulled Pork Shoulder

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So, just last weekend I smoked my second pork shoulder to make pulled pork. I had a 3.7 lbs. Heirloom variety, pasture raised Berkshire cross pork shoulder.

I dry brined it overnight, then covered it with Memphis Dust rub. It went in the smoker at around 235-250 degrees (Smoke Hollow 38" Propane). I started with 4 Oz. Of apple wood chunks and added 4oz every 30 minutes for the first two to three hours. Once I hit the stall at 161 IT, I raised the temp to about 265. Got the pork shoulder up to 193 IT. Before pulling it off and enjoying it.

I've made the mistake of sharing it with coworkers.... I've started to get requests.

I also came up with an awesome pulled pork sandwich, too. Bread of your choice, Sriracha Mayo, pulled pork, home made coleslaw, and cheddar cheese. The first bite doesn't seem quite right but as the flavors mingle, it's amazing!
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Looks Real Good from my house!!!:drool


Nice Job!!Thumbs Up




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Nice looks great I.d eat that.

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Hell ya, that's it right there... Well done
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That's some  mighty fine looking meat



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D, Thumbs Up Nice job !

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Looks fantastic - now I'm hungry!

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You had me at Berkshire... We call it kurobuta here but it's the same breed!
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Looks good. I'm going to have to try the sriracha mayo.

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Good stuff for sure...

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