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Out For While

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Hey everyone


I will be off the forum for a couple weeks starting on Sunday. Got some surgery on Monday in Savannah to remove my lap band. They finally figured out my gastric problems.


See y'all soon.

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Good luck.
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Good luck Rick. Hope all goes well. Hope to see ya next month.

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Hope all goes well Rick. Any chance we may see you in NC for the gathering?

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Good luck Rick and hope you have a quick recovery

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Take care of yourself Rick!!!


Hope all goes real well !!


Hope to see you soon.




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Hope all goes well!!

Prayers for a quick recovery
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Hoping for a quick recovery for ya Rick !

Get well & we'll see ya back here soon !
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Hey Rick we will keep you in our prayers, and wish you a speedy recovery.


And  --------  we will smoke something for you while your gone     




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Hey !!!!! Have a speedy recovery... See you back here.... SOON ....
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Good luck Rick, hope all goes well!



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prayers for you.

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Prayers for a quick recovery. See you back here soon.
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Hope all goes Great for you and so glad they got things finally figured out!

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Get well Rick.

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Nepas, I will keep you in my prayers.      

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I wish you a speedy recovery sir!
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A speedy recovery, Rick. Figuring out what the problem is is half the job. Now for the second half. Hope all goes well
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Best of luck and a speedy recovery!
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Good luck.

Hope all goes well.

See ya soon.
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