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Brisket Score with Q-View or Split Packer in an MES 30 with Q-View

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Been wanting to smoke a brisket for a while, Each time I go to Costco I always stop and look to see what they have. A full 15lb + packer is just too much for our family unless we want to throw a party. And buying an overtrimmed flat is WAY to expensive at ~$6.50/lb

So today I did my usual Costco stop after work to pickup stealhead to smoke on Sunday when what did my eyes find? A beautiful 11 lb packer. Even better was that today brisket prices were $3.69/lb for a USDA Prime full packer. Just last week they were $4.29/lb.

It is going on the smoker tomorrow AM.

Usual brisket prep

Rubbed with Montreal Steak Seasoning, just added the rub to the brisket, did NOT use OO this time.
Cut into two peices so it fits inside my MES 30
Plan on smoking with cherry.

Here it is before the split, fat side up

Here it is after the split, fat side down

Will post more pics tomorrow.
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Question if you don't mind.  So when you split it...do you put the flat without the point on later in the smoke...or take it off sooner and then it gets a longer rest than the bigger piece?  Just curious how you handle that.  I too can't fit a full brisket in my smoker.

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I put the point on first and then add the flat later on after about 4 hrs. Will do the same with this smoke
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Put the point half in at 5:00 this morning and just added the flat half ~4 hrs later

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Lookin great so far !

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looks awesome, can't wait to see the money shot.

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Good things come to those who are patient.


Keep Smokin

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Looking good   I'll be watching



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Me too, I'm IN !

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Point is done. It is currently wrapped in Al foil and towls sittig in my cooler.

Still deciding if I am going to make burnt ends out of the point or the flat.

Flat is at 196F and needs to go a bit higher

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I am impressed!!!



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Nice job Looks Great  points1.png



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Thanks everyone

Flat half is done and is now resting in the cooler.

Pulled it at 202F

While they are sitting in foil now, these were smoked in my MES without foil for the entier time.

Once dinner is reay I will post some sliced pics
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Be waiting on MY slices   Tasty looking



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Decided to have brisket sandwiches. Nothing on the bun but slices of brisket!

The family really enjoyed it. I still have the point half untouched. Will bake burnt ends for tomorrows dinner.

Even thought the flat was taken to 202F, it did not pull apart. Each brisket, pork shoulder etc, is different an you have tot treat them as such.

Also thanks everyone for the points!

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That's some mighty fine looking Brisket    Nice Job    points1.png




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Looks tasty for sure!
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So to continue the thread, today I decided to make "burnt ends" from the point half.

Cubed to around 1/2" or so on each side and glazed with a dilluted Sweet Baby Ray Original BBQ sauce.

I always finish the burnt ends on my 22" Weber Kettle. Used Kingsford Standard and chunks of Mesquite.

The MES 30 is not getting a break on this beautiful day, it is going to be used for my weekly stealhead smoke

Cubed brisket waiting for that sauce coating. Stealhead brining getting ready for the smoke

One of the two fillets of stealhead

Both cookers getting a workout

Will post the finals when they are done
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A couple of more pics, this is Q=View right

Here is my setup for the burnt ends


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Looks mighty tasty   Good Job    points1.png




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