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Wet, wet waterfowl

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I started making my own pepperoni this year, made from ducks and geese.  95% of the 300 plus birds my son and I kill every year are processed into sausage.  


So I began by getting a grinder and stuffer and went to town with some mixed success. The pepperoni tastes great, but the casings aren't adhering well.


I was thinking that this is because it is SO wet.  


The birds I bring home, I brine in saltwater.  I then dry them off, vac pac, and freeze.  When I grind, I simply chunk up the frozen meat and throw it in the grinder.  It works pretty well, but the grind is wet wet wet.  To the point where burgers I make will fall apart before they cook on the grill unless I freeze them first.  I am cutting it 4 to 1 with black pepper bacon ends.  By the way, those burgers are awesome.  Makes great meatballs or meatloaf as well.


Anyone else doing any grinding with waterfowl?  Any tips?  I think I am going to have to thaw, air dry for several hours on a rack, refreeze, grind.  Ugh.

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Sounds good!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Sounds as if the brining time has introduced a lot of water.... Have you tried.... ... any of the mentioned additives...
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