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First time smoking salmon...wont be the last!

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The local city market had a deal on whole salmon ....i thought I'd give smoked salmon ago. I have ZERO experience smoking any type of fish, that and the fact that I just took delivery of Jeff's book I used his recipe/method.


Cut in half, brined and waiting for the mysterious pellice



Into the MES30 @ 150F with Beech in the AMPTS




8 hrs later at an IT of 145F...Nice color...Awesome flavor




Now that i've got the first one under my belt...i'll start trying the many variations on here...I think Bear's will be up next..


Thanks for looking...

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Dingo that is some real nice looking Salmon, great job for a first all I can say is. 



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Was it as good as it looks? Nice Job.

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Very nice.  What species of Salmon is that?   Looks fantastic!   Good job.  Some time down the road, you might try cutting the filets into 2-3" sections which you can then vacuum seal and freeze afterwards for future entertaining. 

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That's some nice looking fish   Great job



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Amazing!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Smoking salmon is a blast! I've done it several ways, but I never use any sugar.

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Looks great! Spring Salmon run will begin here soon and I never done it but will give it a whirl to get me some of those fillets!
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