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NFDM... How to incorporate it into your sausage.

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This may be a dumb question but my experience is limited. So here goes. Let's say I am making a 5 pound batch of sausage and I use liquid, NFDM, and spices. Do I mix the liquid and NFDM together and then add that mixture and the spices to the meat. Or do I add the NFDM as if it were a dry spice? Or does even matter. Only made about 4 batches that included NFDM and I mixed it with the liquid in the recipe. Thanks everyone
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If I use a liquid in my sausage I mix everything into it and then mix it into the meat. I think it's easier to get even distribution through the mix.

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I add the liquid to the NFDM and spices, makes mixing easier.

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WT, ditto on what was said.:icon_smile:

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Thanks so much guys! Just needed reassurance.
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I've done both and not noticed a difference.
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Ok, just got to be different I guess LOL!!!  I do mix my cure and spices with my liquid but put the dry'd milk on separately.  Over the years that is how I seen it done so I just kept doing it that way.  Reinhard

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I guess I'll just echo what everyone has said. You can either mix spices with the water and then the meat or sprinkle the spices w/ the NFDM onto the meat and then add water. The important part is that they are thoroughly mixed and you develop the primary bind for a nicely textured sausage.


Personally, I use 1/2 cup per 5 lbs of meat. First I will add the spices to 1/4 cup of water and blast that in the magic bullet for even incorporation then add to the meat. Then I'll add the other 1/4 cup of water to the container and "swoosh" it around. There's ALWAYS leftover spices from the 1st mixture that didn't make it in to the meat and doing this ensures I get it all in there....especially the cure!


Have fun.

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I,m paying attention and learning

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I add it like reinhard
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I do like Reinhard and boykjo. Water/cure/spices then mix well to evenly distributed the nfdm last and mix till it gets tacky.
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