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2015 South Florida Gathering (5th Annual) November 13th-15th - Page 16

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I'll be checking in periodically tonight as I am loading up...
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Hope you Guys have a Good Weekend and enjoy all the food served!
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 Have a Ball gang , looks like the weather is going to be perfect for Y'all  
Really wishing I could have come , so post a lot of pix so I can see what I missed 

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ok.. campers loaded.. (sure I forgot something)... load the truck up in the morning and I'm OUTTTTA HERE .... don't imagine I will sleep very good tonight...
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Well we really were planning on making the gathering but the park manager has asked my wife to work for her. Sux but always next year and at Jerry's


Y'all have fun and enjoy good company and eats.

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Soooo wish I was able to join y'all. Have fun, eat well and above all...relax.

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ok.. so it's 930.. loaded up and pulling out... see y'all there.. have a safe trip....
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9:40, half loaded, drinking first coffee. Just got phone call from my smoking buddy that was susposed to be going to Ohio this weekend, and he broke his foot! Since he's house bound and can't get to the grocery store, I'll be stopping at his house on the way out of town to drop off some of my frozen hoard so he can have something to smoke this weekend.
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I wish I was on the road heading south today! Have fun down there and hopefully I will see everyone next year. And please keep me in your thoughts while I brave the hoards of people at Disney on Saturday with my two year old (it is by far not the happiest place on earth for me)!

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The day is finally here! Working till noon, then home to pack a few last items and hook up to the camper. Should get to the park about 3:00. After we walk the dog and set up camp, we'll stop by and meet you guys.

Oh, looked at my reservation confirmation last night and we're not in site 138. We're way over in 41. Don't know how that happened-thought for sure I booked 138. Oh well, at least we have a site and should have some pretty nice camping weather. See ya soon, David.

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bleh got caught up at the pig farm and took longer then i thought to pack. headed out now!

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On my way! Should be there in a little over an hour
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Leaving now. Will probably need someone to let me in as I think they close at 5. Someone please pm me their cell no. so I can call when I arrive.
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Everything all set up. Taking a break in front of my fan watching the smoke loft out of Lieth and Rob's smoker.

Getting ready to ear.

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Sitting around the campfire, sweating.
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First super

Keith always photo bombing
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Have a great weekend folks. :popcorn



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 Hittin the road in the morning. Steve you convinced me to bring a fan...

Craig & Ann

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Doug Mays and his smoker

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