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Cooking a pig covered in mustard

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Ok guys I'm going to be cooking a whole pig this weekend, I've done several and they have all turned out great or at least I think they have. Every recipe I see seems like it says cover the pig in mustard, can you guys tell me the reason behind this and if it's good.
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The only reason for slathering on the mustard is so the rub has something to stick to. You can use any good cooking oil or just about anything you can think of



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Do you recommend the mustard or is something els better?
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If all of your past cooks have turned out great, why change the method? BTW, nothing that's used as a glue to keep the rub on there adds to the flavor. Whatever gets used doesn't end up being it doesn't really make a difference.

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In all actuality you don't need anything to get the rub to stick to the meat/skin/fat. The moisture from the meat is all that's needed.
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 I two will be cooking a hog this weekend a small 112 lb. The reason is correct for using mustard when cooking a hog it binds the season to stay longer on the meat as with using just oil and just lathering it on. When the meat starts cooking after the 130 degree mark the meat starts sweeting the fats out the have an oily texture to it and if you know anything about melting fats it's slick. When you use mustard it binds to the skin and seals around it and when the fats start flowing they will make a channel and flow to the lowest point on the hog and everywhere you had mustard will be intact. You don't need much just enough to have the season stick to. I will add some photos of a before and after and from someone I think everyone knows.





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Nice looking pig !   who is the funny looking guy with the beard ?



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