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New MES 30, first smoke.

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After debating for months I decided last weekend to get an MES 30. After getting it put together I was able to season it that day but had to wait a WHOLE week because of weather to use it. So without further ado....not only first smoke in the MES but also my first spatchcock chicken.






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You get a double commendation here. My first smoke in my MES 30 was yer standard issue baby back ribs. I've yet to spatchcock a chicken but I think I'll try it this year. Looks like you absolutely nailed it.


What was your rub, what type of wood did you use, what temp did you cook it at and for how long?


This was not only a great first smoke, this was a great smoke, period.

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You didn't hit a home run, You hit a grand slam, Great job on both   Nice looking bird     points1.png



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Thanks guys, it turned out great! I used Webers Kick'n Chicken seasoning and smoked it with Hickory at about 245 until it had an internal temp of 165. I think it took about 2 1/2 hours iirc.
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I'd remember that one for down the road  Nice !!



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